The track comes from the album "trotula", but in our (at least initial) intentions there was no desire to produce a 'classic' music video. We worked with very few lenses, only with natural light, and in the post-production phase, we reduced the colouring interventions to the bare minimum, just to tell a story in the most effective way. We focused a lot on the script and the performing of an extraordinary Francesca Pica. The lyrics tell about a farewell, written in the Fado's impression tradition and inspired by a painful shipwreck, one of many, which occurred close to our coasts and which, on 5 November 2017, brought to dry land the remains of 26 women who drowned before being rescued. For the character in our story, the sea is a womb to which she must return, even painfully, in order not to lose herself completely; a sort of archaic torment, which repeats itself eternally, enacted to keep alive even a single spark of humanity, otherwise forfeited in a dark ocean of dull indifference. It is a call to which she cannot escape, that of recovering the fragments of stories scattered on the seabed, stories hovering between memory and dream, to which she perhaps belongs and of which we are not obliged to know the details but that perhaps, if one day we can put the pieces together, we will understand their innermost and human meaning, and above all, we will comprehend how much these stories belong to us, how much we belong to them.